Monday, October 13, 2014

New video: Street fighting between Kurds and ISIS in Kobani –RIGHT NOW

Published on Oct 12, 2014

Breaking news:
New video shows ISIS terrorist organisation
Tanks inside Kobani,
Kurdish female commander in Kobani sending Following last msg to the world:
Dear United nation as you see in this video, ISIS using heavy weapon specially Tank and attacking us inside Kobani , unfortunately we don’t have anti-Tank until we can defend civilian.
We are still defending town, but our weapon is only very light weapon with limited bullet
Please send us humanitarian aid and weapon especially Anti-tank now.
Thousands of civilian still inside the town, as they can’t go anywhere, all around us blocked, only one side was open and that has been blocked by Turkey.
Another msg to the NATO: Dear NATO general secretary
This is very heart broking when NATO member- Turkey detained Kobani refugee in Turkey and blocked kobane town border shoulder to shoulder ISIS, And NATO just sitting, watching and waiting to see all civilian behead by ISIS As soon as possible.
Another msg to all human right organisation around the world and to all women organisation around the world: the fight in here is a fight to save human, is a fight to against terrorist organisation, is a fight for all of us, its fight for freedom please help us now, if you don’t help us they will come to you one day.
We will fight until last bullet to save civilian, but don’t forget it’s been 28 days we are fighting and all around us blocked, we need your help now, please act now, tomorrow will be so late
12/October 2014
Kobane, Kurdish town
Kurdish control zone -Syria-Turkey border

* note from uploader:
we just copied and pasted the msg as we got from zilan qandil,
botin kurdistani, Report

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