Monday, October 6, 2014

Ineffective Coalition Response to Kobani's Siege Shows U.S. in Cahoots with Turkey in Conspiracy to Allow ISIL Slaughter

Kobani Cabal -- When It Comes to ISIS, All Politics Are 'Glocal', The World Post, Oct. 6, 2014

"The fate of the Syrian Kurdish border enclave of Kobani (known in Arabic as "Ayn al-Arab") appears to be sealed. The Islamic State's (IS) "skull and bones" flag is flying over major parts of the besieged city. If Kobani completely surrenders (and at this hour it appears likely from all press accounts that it is within hours of falling without reinforcements) its courageous, but lightly-armed Kurdish defenders will be finally overrun by ISIS and massacred after a month-long siege. The fall of Kobani would represent the greatest military victory by ISIS since it overran Iraq's second largest city of Mosul and faced attacks from the US-led coalition. It would also represent an enormous psychological and tactical defeat for the much vaunted coalition...

One need not be a military genius to wonder -- given the distressing situation facing Kobani -- whether the ineffective coalition response to Kobani's siege implies the U.S. is in cahoots with Ankara in an appalling conspiracy to send Kobani's desperate population into the waiting swords of ISIS.

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